Volunteers generously donate their time and effort for the benefit of others. With today’s busy lifestyles, this is no small feat. Many of us interact with volunteers while going about our day-to-day activities and don’t even realize it. OCES supports and thanks their volunteersSome volunteers are easy to spot because of the organizations they represent, such as the team hammering and sawing to build a new home for a family in need, or the dog walker for the local animal shelter, or the person organizing the shelves at the food pantry. There are many dedicated volunteers working among us every day.

At Old Colony Elder Services (OCES), we are fortunate to have more than 650 volunteers providing vital services to older adults, individuals with disabilities, and others in the community. OCES’ Volunteer Program recruits people of all ages for volunteer opportunities at our agency, as well as for other nonprofits, town agencies, schools, and community organizations. OCES also has a program for volunteers, age 55 and older, known as the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) of Plymouth County, which is part of the National Senior Corps volunteer network.

Enriching Lives Every Day

With the help of more than 400 nutrition program volunteers, who perform many tasks,  which range from preparing and serving the meals at community dining sites to delivering meals to homebound recipients, OCES serves 1,600 meals each weekday as part of its Meals on Wheels (MOW) Program. To give a more specific example, one MOW volunteer driver makes a difference in the lives of between five to 10 individuals each day by bringing nutritious meals to their homes.

OCES also has more than 60 Money Management Program (MMP) volunteers, who assist older adults and individuals with disabilities with bill paying, reconciling bank statements, balancing checkbooks, and, in special cases, negotiating debt with creditors. More than 200 RSVP volunteers help local agencies, such as Veterans Services, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, the Plymouth and Brockton Public Schools Reading Program, and Food Banks, including that of the South Shore Community Action Council.

Volunteers rarely seek recognition for their efforts, but recognition is well deserved.  These people make it possible for many organizations (including OCES) to fulfill their mission in the community. And you can be sure their services are truly appreciated by all who benefit from them.

April is National Volunteer Month. Let’s celebrate and extend our heartfelt appreciation to the volunteers who make a difference in the lives of so many.

For more information about volunteering opportunities at OCES, visit www.ocesma.org/volunteer or contact OCES’ Volunteer Coordinator at 508-584-1561, or stop by OCES’ Volunteer Center on 204 South Meadow Rd, Plymouth.