Suicide Prevention

According to the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), each year more than 800,000 people die by suicide and up to 25 times as many make a suicide attempt. September 10th is the 15th annual World Suicide Prevention Day, and the theme for 2017 is... Read more

Summer Safety

Summer is the season for relaxing, having fun and spending time with your family and friends. However, summer can bring extreme heat, increased risk of dehydration, foodborne illness and other health risks. Recognizing these risks and taking preventative steps will... Read more

Older Americans Month

May is Older Americans Month (OAM) and the Administration for Community Living (ACL) leads our nation’s celebration. ACL designed the 2017 OAM theme, Age Out Loud. This theme shines a light on many important trends as older Americans are working longer, trying new... Read more

Volunteers Are Special

April 23-29, 2017 is National Volunteer Week. This week is an opportunity to recognize and thank the many individuals who give generously of their time and resources to a variety of causes they care about in the community. These volunteers are inspiring and lend their... Read more

SHINE Needs Your Help!

The SHINE program has been able to help thousands of Medicare beneficiaries in your area since 1988.  Perhaps you have been one of the many we have helped, and have seen firsthand just how valuable the program is. It is unfortunate that budget cuts have put the... Read more

Winter Weather

Extremely cold temperatures often accompany a winter storm, and you may need to cope with power failures, loss of communication services, and icy roads. Although staying indoors as much as possible can help keep you safe, you may also face some indoor hazards. Taking... Read more