March is Social Work Month. This year, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) has declared the theme “Social Workers: Generations Strong”, which honors social workers’ positive contributions over generations. The theme creates awareness of the 700,000+ social workers across the nation who help individuals live their lives to their fullest potential and shape society for the better.

Did you know? The social work profession is very broad and social workers can be found working in many different settings. In addition to health care facilities and social services agencies, social workers work in mental health facilities, schools, corporations and government.

Social work supports “the whole person”. Social workers focus on a person’s overall well-being, not just on one particular area of need at that moment. Social workers are there every step of the way. At Old Colony Elder Services (OCES), our social workers not only coordinate services, they provide resources and guidance to prevent issues while presenting options for the future.

OCES provides programs that offer significant life-supporting care which contributes to an individual’s ability to live within the community as independently as possible for as long as possible while preserving dignity and quality of life.

All of OCES’ staff – from licensed social workers to care managers, protective services workers and administrative staff who engage and utilize social work skills – contribute to the social work profession. OCES’ extensive network of providers and their Direct Service Workers who work in the homes of older adults and individuals with disabilities who we serve, also contribute to the social work profession.

OCES is proud to be an agency that provides independent, conflict-free assessments, care coordination, and administrative support for in-home and community-based long-term services throughout many different programs. For example, OCES’ home care staff can assist in the development of a care plan that best fits an individual’s needs for home-based services. Many people do not realize the range of in-home services and care management that may be available to assist with short-term needs or for ongoing daily support. Another example is OCES’ Protective Services Program. Through this program, OCES works with older adults or their designees to prevent, eliminate or remedy situations involving emotional, physical or sexual abuse, neglect by a caregiver, financial exploitation and/or self–neglect.

In addition to home and protective services, other areas of support offered by OCES include nutrition, healthy living (in the management of or prevention of chronic health conditions), caregiver support, housing options and money management.

Essentially, social workers can provide assistance and guidance with a wide range of life changes and challenges, from physical and mental health issues to housing issues, financial hardship and much more. Thank you to all who contribute to the social work profession, striving to improve the lives of individuals and families for generations to come!