OCES honored their generous lifelong donors at their first Donor Appreciation Event and Celebration held in October.

There were 64 donors, OCES board members and staff in attendance at Barrett’s Fireside Grille in Middleboro, MA to celebrate philanthropy and the longevity of OCES.

Diana DiGiorgi, Chief Operating Officer at OCES kicked off the event with a presentation about the organization’s 45-year history and past achievements. Nicole Long, OCES’ Chief Executive Officer, spoke about the vision for OCES and future goals. Nicole stated that the first task is to shift our perspective on what aging means. It isn’t about healthy “aging”. It’s about healthy LIVING.

Lifetime Donor Appreciation Awards

OCES recognized The George Curtis Trust with the “Legacy Award” for their contributions of more than $360,000 in their lifetime giving to OCES. The Howard Home Fund was acknowledged with the “Steward Award” for their contributions of over $170,000 in their lifetime giving to OCES. A special individual “Steward Award” was presented to James Mileski from West Bridgewater for donating over $19,000 to OCES.

“On behalf of OCES, we would like to thank our generous donors for their continued support over the past 45 years,” said Long. “We greatly appreciate all of our donors, as their assistance enables us to carry out our mission of supporting the independence and dignity of older adults and individuals with disabilities through the provision of essential information and services that promote healthy and safe living.”