Homecare includes a wide range of services and supports that can be offered to older adults and individuals with disabilities to allow them to live with dignity and independence within the community. Homecare services can be in your own home, or that of a family member or friend, in elder housing or a private apartment. These services could be for short-term needs or for ongoing daily support.

OCES offers multiple programs to support independent living through home-based care options. Some of the services OCES offers include care management, transition support, personal care, homemaking, grocery shopping, laundry, companionship, home delivered meals and more. At OCES, one of our goals is to avoid unnecessary hospitalization or to delay long-term care placement.

At times, it is necessary for an individual to be admitted to the hospital or a nursing facility. OCES’ Transition Support Program works with individuals to ensure they have all of the necessary services they need before re-entering the community. OCES’ registered nurses and Transition Support Advisors will meet an individual at the facility and work with them and the facility staff through the discharge planning process. The end goal is to help an individual return home safely, and to avoid a re-admission to the hospital or facility.

Another service that OCES offers is the Options Counseling Program.  This program is available to individuals 60 and older or younger adults who have a disability.  This is a consumer-driven program where we can provide individuals with unbiased information about long-term services and supports that an individual may be eligible for.  The Options Counselor can provide referrals, information on assistive device resources and other information as needed.  This program is a great way to get informed on your options before you are in an emergency situation.

The staff at OCES will assist you in developing a care plan that best fits your individual needs. Our team will help you (and your identified caregivers) determine the most appropriate services and resources to support you where you live.

OCES programs increase the possibility that older adults and individuals with disabilities may remain living in the environment they choose and that caregivers will be able to remain healthy and alleviate some of the stress that comes with caregiving. For more information, visit www.ocesma.org or call 508-584-1561.