OCES has been serving the community for 48 years and has a team of 21 Registered Nurses (RNs) who assist older adults and people with disabilities by helping them meet their long-term personal and health goals living in the community.

All OCES RNs may attend the Aging Services Access Point (ASAP) Annual Seminar on May 11. This event is a yearly tradition that statewide nurses may attend in order to gain nursing continuing education units. Mary Crowe, Care Dimensions Director and Certified Dementia Practitioner, will present an organized learning experience to expand nurses’ knowledge and skills. The continuing education program chosen this year is Caregiving for a Loved One: The challenges and Benefits.

“We recognize and celebrate the contributions of all nurses. Their dedication and care not only strengthens our communities, but makes the world a better place,” said Nicole Long, CEO of OCES. “The role of nurses is essential and expansive, and the need for nurses continues to increase. OCES recognizes the vital contributions of our nurses and provides them with ongoing support and resources.”

OCES’ RNs provide care to older adults through the Home Care, Transition Support, and Adult Family Care (AFC) programs. RNs conduct individual assessments including health and welfare, medical conditions, fall risk, personal care needs, formal and informal supports, and clinical eligibility for various programs. RNs then draw from community resources and programs in consultation with other OCES staff to help provide specific services needed. There is tremendous collaboration among the various disciplines at OCES as well as providers in the community.

OCES is now hiring Registered Nurses and encourages individuals who support their mission to apply to their growing nursing team.