What Your Donation Can Buy

Are you interested in giving back to your community and making a difference to individuals in need?

VolunteersHere are some ways your generosity can make a difference!

$35 helps deliver five nutritious and delicious meals to someone who might need a little help from a friendly volunteer.

$60 can cover an unexpected bill at the pharmacy to purchase life-saving medication.

$150 will purchase an air conditioner to stay cool, healthy and independent.

$300 will pay a past utility bill to help a consumer in the Money Management Program to stay on budget.

$375 fills an oil tank in an emergency when savings are zero and the temperature is just as low.

$500 will provide 5 nights in a safe haven for a consumer in temporary housing due to an unforeseen emergency situation.

$2000 gives a caregiver a week of respite secure in the knowledge that a loved one is well-cared for.

$2,500 gives the gift of hearing aids, life-saving in an emergency situation.

$3,500 pays to fill our Pets Eat Too cupboard for a year, so that beloved companions do not go hungry – and no one has to give up a pet and be alone.

Special Donation Opportunities

$10,000 will allow us to sponsor four community seminars open and free to the public to learn about dealing with hoarding issues, or staying healthy as a family caregiver, or managing a family life touched by dementia.

$80,000 will feed everyone on the Meals and More waiting list for one year, neighbors and friends in the community who have lost the ability to cook for themselves for a variety of reasons but are fighting to live independent and healthy lives. Your donation is the main ingredient in their recipe for success.

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