Eleanor’s Story

Imagine… you become ill and cannot return home… what would you do?
What are your options?
This happened to Eleanor (name has been changed to protect privacy).

elderly women at door

Options Counseling is a free service to those in need

Eleanor, a 64 year-old low-income widow, came to Brockton to see her sister. While visiting she became ill and was admitted to a local hospital. Upon discharge from the hospital, Eleanor learned that she was not well enough to return to her apartment alone; she would need supports from the visiting nurses and family members in order to safely return to the community. Because there was no family support where she lived, she needed to stay in the Brockton area.

Because Eleanor’s sister did not have room, she could not live with her. Eleanor found a one room basement apartment.

One day, the visiting nurse attending Eleanor noticed that Eleanor’s small portable refrigerator had a broken door and was full of mold. The nurse then discovered that, despite being diabetic, Eleanor was only eating one meal a day.

Rent was consuming most of Eleanor’s income, leaving very little for food or other necessities. The situation was dire – Eleanor was living in deplorable conditions, she was not eating well, and she did not have transportation to get to medical appointments.

The nurse contacted Eleanor’s sister who contacted OCES for help. An Options Counselor informed Eleanor about available long-term care support options. Eleanor chose a community option that offered appropriate housing and other supports she needed to continue living in the community.

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