Norma’s Story

“I felt like no one could help me. I had no idea that there were programs out there…”

Amy and Norma

Amy and Norma

Norma is one of many elders who are at risk of losing their independence due to the inability to pay their bills on time. They may encounter loss of utility services, face eviction or become victim to financial exploitation – Old Colony Elder Services’ Money Management Program offers the assistance needed.

Norma, who lives on the South Shore, has been ill with cancer for three years and suffers from depression. Having lost both her mother and husband to cancer, and living alone, she could no longer cope financially. Not knowing how she was going to pay her bills, she began ignoring the mail.

While at her town’s Senior Center, she had the courage to admit to one of the volunteers that her bills were getting out of hand. They suggested she contact Old Colony Elder Services (OCES) for help.

Amy Diman, OCES’ Money Management Program Coordinator, visited Norma to assess her situation. Amy helped Norma deal with a number of serious credit issues, caught her up on her basic bills and matched her with one of our volunteers. OCES’ Money Management Program volunteers make monthly home visits and help seniors balance their checkbooks, develop budgets and pay bills.

“I now have peace of mind. Before Amy came along, I felt like no one could help me. I had no idea that there were programs out there. Now, I can see the light. It’s such an improvement,” said Norma.

Old Colony Elder Services relies on the generosity of volunteers and donors to help keep this essential program operating. OCES thanks all of our Money Management Program volunteers and donors for their continuing support. We appreciate the Rockland Trust Company’s recent donation of $1,000.

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