Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing Bridges Meaningful Connections

The choice was hers and hers alone; and it was important to her.


“I wanted to be close
to one of my sons”

Marian valued her independence and self-sufficiency but as a retiree she had challenges to address, mainly where to comfortably spend the rest of her life. Residing in Wisconsin, Marian decided family connection was essential, which meant relocating to New England. “I wanted to be close to one of my sons and I liked it out here.” As Marian settled in and crossed the threshold of her new residence, she quickly realized she was one step closer to a connected community.

Marian’s sense of belonging solidified when she engaged in Old Colony Elder Services’ (OCES) Supportive Housing Program in Plymouth. Her involvement helped curb loneliness and isolation and establish a social connection. “The main idea of Supportive Housing is to connect people with services and each other,” explains Monica Johnson, Resident Services Coordinator.

The Supportive Housing Program delivers community-based services within the senior housing complex to allow older adults to age in place and improve overall well-being. Supportive Housing also provides opportunities for residents to participate in community life and establish meaningful relationships.

An active contributor to community well-being, Marian’s involvement has stirred respect and esteem within the community. “She always talks highly of the programming that we offer and encourages her neighbors to come along,” Monica acclaims.

The backbone of OCES’ Supportive Housing Program is the onsite Resident Services Coordinator who bridges the essential network of support among the residents and the community. The primary function of the Coordinator is to assess individual needs, provide information and connect residents to community programs and services.

Resolved to influence aging in place and an increased quality of life, Monica Johnson delivers much more. “Part of my function here is that I am onsite and I can serve as an advocate for more people who might have a problem and don’t know how to navigate it.” Sensitive of her advocacy and onsite presence, Marian reciprocates, “Monica is a diligent worker and she really cares about the tenants.”

The Supportive Housing Program has become an integral part of Marian’s life. Her active engagement has enabled her to bond and bridge relationships and live independently within a healthy social environment.

“I stay involved, well… because I enjoy it.” It was the best choice Marian ever made.

The Supportive Housing Program is a partnership between Old Colony Elder Services and local housing authorities. OCES sponsors supportive housing sites in Brockton and Plymouth through contracts with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

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