Old Colony Elder Services Nutrition Program

Old Colony Elder Services Nutrition Program “ensures that nutritious meals are provided to low-income, frail elders and individuals with disabilities”

In today’s world, we do not like to think about the fact that maybe a neighbor, friend, parent or grandparent has faced the threat of hunger by going without a meal. Yet, it happens every day. Thanks to the donors and volunteers who continue to help Old Colony Elder Services’ (OCES) Nutrition Program, we are making a difference in the lives of seniors and individuals with disabilities who are served by this program.

OCES’ Nutrition Program helps seniors to eat more healthy meals and allows them to remain active in their homes and communities. For some, this may be the only nutritious meal they eat in a day or the only time they come into contact with another person. Each of our clients has a story about why home-delivered meals, known as Meals on Wheels (MOW), are important.

Lorraine is a 94 year-old retired government employee who is supported by her pension and social security. Lorraine is legally blind, very hard of hearing and has limited mobility, requiring the use of a cane. Her daughter lives several hours away and her son, who lives locally, telephones her often and takes her shopping when possible. At her daughter’s request, Lorraine began receiving MOW six years ago. Lorraine requires a special, “no added salt” diet and the MOW program has helped to ensure she receives healthy, nutritious meals.

Edward suffered a serious fall and was hospitalized. Edward recovered, but during his rehabilitation he was diagnosed with diabetes. He was required to take insulin shots four times a day in addition to a daily prescription. Edward contacted OCES to find out if there were services available to help him take the steps he needed to get healthy. OCES’ Nutrition Department arranged for daily meal delivery to his home. According to Edward, “the meals are balanced and have really helped me keep my weight down.”

One of the MOW volunteer drivers stated, “The MOW program is such an important one. A lot of people I deliver to cannot cook for themselves or they can’t get out at all and seldom see anyone on a regular basis.”

The demand on the Nutrition Program continues to grow and the costs are rising. Donations to OCES’ Nutrition Program are used to help end senior hunger. Click the following links if you are interested in sponsoring a senior or volunteering.