Winter 2015

Enhancing Families through Adult Family Care

Old Colony Elder Services’ (OCES) Adult Family Care (AFC) is a vital program that helps older adults and individuals with disabilities who cannot live alone safely. The program provides support for those who need assistance with daily care and want to live in a family setting rather than in a facility. AFC participants live with trained paid caregivers; caregivers may be family members (except spouses or legally responsible relatives) or non-family members. AFC RNs and Care Managers work together as a team to support both consumers and caregivers.

Many families are caring for loved ones with disabilities; caregivers continually strive to balance the challenges of daily life and the care for their loved one.

Here is a story of one of these families in OCES’ AFC program.



“The people at OCES are a wealth of information and resources. They have truly surprised me and have gone above and beyond all my expectations. We are not a shy and retiring family, but the system is an unfamiliar maze and it has been a difference maker to have OCES on our side.”


OCES Welcomes Mayflower Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

Old Colony Elder Services, Inc. (OCES) is pleased to announce an exciting new program development! In the coming months, Mayflower Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) will be integrated into OCES’ Community Program offerings. This will be a great addition to OCES’ current volunteer initiatives that serve the Money Management and Nutrition programs. Through the Mayflower RSVP, OCES will be uniquely positioned to reach the greater Plymouth County community through volunteerism, promoting healthy living for seniors and individuals with disabilities and continuing to change the lives of people of all ages through community service.”

OCES’ Money Management Program Receives Support from MountainOne BankPiggyBank

The Money Management Program (MMP) helps vulnerable, limited income older adults and individuals with disabilities who are at risk of losing their independence due to their inability to pay rent, food and utility bills. MMP volunteers help these individuals by establishing a budget for them, organizing their mail, helping them write checks to pay their bills and balancing their checkbook.

The MMP is a free service for qualified older adults and individuals with disabilities. We are always seeking funds to keep the MMP up and running, train volunteers and work with consumers. The need is significant in all 23 towns we cover.

OCES is appreciative for the recent grant from the MountainOne Bank for the MMP.