The SHINE program has been able to help thousands of Medicare beneficiaries in your area since 1988.  Perhaps you have been one of the many we have helped, and have seen firsthand just how valuable the program is. It is unfortunate that budget cuts have put the funding for the SHINE program (known nationally as SHIP) in jeopardy. It is a real possibility that the program will no longer be funded in the near future and the SHINE program will cease to exist. The SHINE program needs your voice.

Please consider taking the time to call your Senators and area Representative to let them know how important this program is to Medicare beneficiaries. Have we helped you navigate through the Medicare plan choices so you are confident in your plans? Have we saved you money each year by reviewing the prescription plans? Have we assisted you with MassHealth or Prescription Advantage applications? Have we been there for you and helped to ease your mind?

We really need your stories to be heard so that the program can remain intact. Please share how important the SHINE program is and what we have done for you.

Senator Edward J. Markey                            (202) 224-2742 or (617) 565-8519

Senator Elizabeth Warren                             (202) 224-4543 or (617) 565-3170

Representative Willian Keating                     (202) 225-3111 or (617) 746-9000