Creating a beloved community, which is the mission of the Christ Congregational Church (CCC) of Brockton, manifests itself in different ways.  Sometimes it is in artistic handmade placemats.  Quilted placements.  Over 500 quilted placements.

That is the goal of the Common Threads Quilting group at the church.  The members have been meeting for over ten years, once a month.  Their hands exude compassion and caring as they craft gorgeous quilts for a church member who might be ill, or when a tiny 20” square quilt is made for a newborn who needs to spend a little time in the neonatal intensive care ward before heading home.

Recently, the Common Threads members asked OCES about quilting placemats for our Meals on Wheels recipients who live in Brockton. Although one or two eyebrows may have gone up — slightly — making over 500 of them was a goal they were eager to take on.

So, the project began.  The first “round” of placemats were picked up by Christine McLaren, Community programs Director of OCES in mid-May.  The CCC group might also get a little help from Andy’s Angels, another quilting group which specializes in creations for veterans.  CCC quiltmaking rounds two, three and four will take place over the next few months, and the colorful placemats will go out with our Meals on Wheels volunteer drivers and be delivered to their new homes.  These small pieces of art will not only brighten up the delivery of a nutritious meal, they will also become part of the socialization, friendly smile, and wellness check for many consumers living alone.

CCC hosts a community supper every Wednesday night at 6 pm, and all are welcome to join – no sewing skills required!  Their major effort this year is fundraising for the amazing organ that graces the church, and concerts are held on a regular basis.  The Austin Organ was designed to have four divisions, and for the past twenty years has only had three.  So the church has mounted a fundraising campaign to build the fourth and final division.  Visit their website at to keep up with their progress.

OCES is thankful for this amazing gift of quilted placements.  We know that each one will find a very special place in the kitchen – and heart – of a deserving consumer.

Here’s a photo of the group, and from left to right:  Front Row:  Darlene Gilson, Lucille Berg, Kristine Blanchard, Martha Binda, Linda Alvihiera; Back Row:  Nelda Hayes, Lisa Landerholm, Diane Landerholm, Sherrylee Hopwood, Sandra Hill, Chris McLaren of OCES, Diane McKay, and Janet Eckstrom.